Hi lovelies, we have launched spree#13 yesterday with our first giveaway! We have always been contemplating whether to hold a giveaway, but glad that we did cos we are getting quite a number of response for our giveaway, yay! If you are unaware of our giveaway and wish to join, go to our Facebook at www.facebook.com/drooldrop !

These are the details for the giveaway!
We realize some of you did not follow the steps required to win your desired bracelet! You are only eligible to win if you followed both step 1 & 2 ! 


1)Like & Share spree #13 album and comment 'Like & Share' in the album itself!
2) Like & Share the above picture and comment 'I WANT #3' and stand a chance to win! 

We will announce the winner in our Facebook on the 2nd September @ 9pm! 

It's quite difficult to choose the winner! :) If you are not one of the winners, please do not be disheartened and keep follow our updates as we will continue to hold more giveaways!
This is the latest spree #13 cover photo! I love it! <3 We did not launch on 29th on time! Instead, we launch on the 30th! Sorry for the delay cos our family new baby arrived on that day! It's a baby boy! A to-be handsome little boy! 

Now, pictures time on some of my favorites! Go to Facebook for the whole collection! 
If you are interested to order, please submit order to www.drooldrop.weebly.com/order-form.html! We will respond to you within 24 hours time! If you failed to receive an invoice from us, email us @ drooldrop@gmail.com and let us know! :)
Just after Spree #11 closed, we launched another new spree the next day! Spree #12 is launched in our web now! Weeeee!~ We love this new collection! There's a few vintage shoes in this spree! If you are a fan of vintage stuff, you will like it! 

Galaxy jackets, leggings and bandage skirts can be seen in this spree as well! Just as one of my customer requested for denim vest, we launched it yesterday! yay :) 

As for the shoe sizes, i get a some feedbacks from a few of you that i should bring in bigger sizes! I will try to look out for it definitely cos i don't wish you guys to be disappointed. haha :)

Ok, if you haven seen our new spree yet, it's just a click away! http://www.drooldrop.weebly.com/new-arrival.html! 
Do join us in our spree! :) 

Now it's pictures time!
There are just way too many for me to LIKES. <3 Photo gallery in facebook! :)
See yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!~
Hi babes! Spree #11 is now opened! You may shop our new arrivals now! :)  40 items added again! Subcribe to our mailing list to follow us in our latest updates and promo codes! We update frequently and add in new apparels and items on a weekly basis! Happy shopping!! 

Anw, Selamat Hari Raya to all muslim friends and customers! Enjoy the long weekend!
We have been launching spree#10 for 2 days! Keep shopping babes! :)  Have quite a few favorites here! 
I am so in love with this piece! Vintage floral knit wear in Apricot! This piece comes in white and pink as well. But this color is still the best in my opinion ;) 
If you are looking for casual light blazers to wear, you can find quite a few designs in this collection! Most are chiffon material thin material suitable to wear for the hot weather in Singapore ;) Find more blazers such as floral, leopard print design and polka dot!~

There are still many favorite pieces, but preferred if you check it out yourself! ;)

Come right now at www.drooldrop.weebly.com/new-arrival.html
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Spree #10 will be launching soon, but time is not confirmed! Spree #10 has been delayed because i was caught up with food poisoning! :( It was my first time and now i finally realize how terrible it feels like..

I didn't went to see the doctor until the 3rd day! I actually felt better but decided to just go see the doctor and get some medicine so that i will recover faster. I kept vomit and having diarrhoea on the first day. I guess i am more of the less serious case, cos i felt much better on the 2nd day and have stopped the vomiting.

My boyfriend and i went to eat the 328 katong laksa at queensway shopping centre at about 7+pm. It's quite diluted and not very nice.  My laksa was not very hot, it's just warm, but i just don't want to take it quite seriously and just eat it up, while my boyfriend keep telling me how hot his soup was and i still did not pay much attention to it. Thinking back, my bowl of laksa could have already been polluted. :/ 

After walking a few rounds in the mall, i immediately need the toilet urgently! My boyfriend still jokingly commented that i was food poisoned. Still believing that my body is strong enough, i thought nothing of it, as i believe he will get it before i do. HAHA

After i reached home, the pain is unbearable and i felt so uncomfortable. Then i puked 4 times. All laksa (Gross) I felt like i am dying soon. Luckily i felt so much better the following day, but i had a fever and very giddy. At least not vomiting! My boyfriend told me that he felt uncomfortable too, but still bearable. Wonder when his tummy become so strong? Hahahaha. I am still glad he didn't get it. One person suffer is better than two. At least he was there for me when i was so weak. :)

Alright, if you want to try the food there, please think twice. Or at least, don't eat during the night? Maybe i am just damn sway. I won't dare to patronize anymore.

Haven been eating well recently. Only eating on plain porridge and soups! I can't even finish up a small bowl. Losing appetite, but I am almost recovered now! Ok, enough of the food stuff!!

I will try launched as early as possible! Till then! ;)
After a long time, close to 2 months time,  we finally updated our premium collection! You can shop our 3rd drop now! Photo gallery available in Facebook! This is the one -> 3rd Drop

There are many pretty apparels and the photos were organize nicely for better viewing! We have uploaded 40 items, but there are more to come! We need to take it slowly, otherwise you may be too confuse as there are too many choices :>

For prices and measurements, you can just view them in our website under premium section ;) 

I shall upload some of my favorites in this collection!
This off shoulder top features an eyelet, embroidery design. The strap is adjustable and it helps to support the top. For people who loves off shoulder designs (Quite a hot now), you may like this piece as you can adjust the strap to your liking without fearing that it might be too loose and uncomfortable!
PARTYSU vintage porcelain slim dress design. An artistic and mysterious design featuring a high scoop and half quarter sleeve. Now in blue and red! 
Ultimate love for this!  This dress features a perter-pan collar and paint-like floral design. I actually felt that this dress is perfect for cute pregnant mummy to be! However, the waist part may be too tight as it's not elastic. This is still perfect for work or a day out with your girlfriends!
Vexing over what to wear? Or you just want to avoid the hassle and put on something easy, comfy and chic at the same time? This casual basic flutter dress now comes in 7 candy colors! Now you can just wear out this comfy cotton material maxi looking all great!
The all time favorite floral dress features a light greenish-blue background with rosy florals all over is perfect for a date or a chill out moment in your favorite cafe. Pair it up with a vintage small bag and sandal!

That's all! To view all designs, just click on the drop down list at the premium section! See ya! 
We have launched spree #9! Hop in to shop now! :)
Promo for this spree: $2 off your purchase if you like and share our album in Facebook!
If you haven add us, do so !
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This launch have more accessories which we haven been introducing for a long time ;)

One of my favorites :

Love this bracelet! Chain braided, simply love the colors together :)
These two apparels are our favorites in the collection as well! The lace details are very define. Anyone who wear this will look so demure and feminine! 

For the heart shape collar top, we simply love the heart shape design! The whole outfit doesn't look boring and it looks so cute! 

We also updated with a few pairs of shoes! Total 40 items to choose from! Do check out the full collection in our new arrival or Facebook! 

FB: www.facebook.com/drooldrop
Web: www.drooldrop.weebly.com/new-arrival

yay! Till then, if you happen to have any enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us at drooldrop@gmail.com or click here !

Drooling off with love 
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