Just after Spree #11 closed, we launched another new spree the next day! Spree #12 is launched in our web now! Weeeee!~ We love this new collection! There's a few vintage shoes in this spree! If you are a fan of vintage stuff, you will like it! 

Galaxy jackets, leggings and bandage skirts can be seen in this spree as well! Just as one of my customer requested for denim vest, we launched it yesterday! yay :) 

As for the shoe sizes, i get a some feedbacks from a few of you that i should bring in bigger sizes! I will try to look out for it definitely cos i don't wish you guys to be disappointed. haha :)

Ok, if you haven seen our new spree yet, it's just a click away! http://www.drooldrop.weebly.com/new-arrival.html! 
Do join us in our spree! :) 

Now it's pictures time!
There are just way too many for me to LIKES. <3 Photo gallery in facebook! :)
See yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!~

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