Spree #10 will be launching soon, but time is not confirmed! Spree #10 has been delayed because i was caught up with food poisoning! :( It was my first time and now i finally realize how terrible it feels like..

I didn't went to see the doctor until the 3rd day! I actually felt better but decided to just go see the doctor and get some medicine so that i will recover faster. I kept vomit and having diarrhoea on the first day. I guess i am more of the less serious case, cos i felt much better on the 2nd day and have stopped the vomiting.

My boyfriend and i went to eat the 328 katong laksa at queensway shopping centre at about 7+pm. It's quite diluted and not very nice.  My laksa was not very hot, it's just warm, but i just don't want to take it quite seriously and just eat it up, while my boyfriend keep telling me how hot his soup was and i still did not pay much attention to it. Thinking back, my bowl of laksa could have already been polluted. :/ 

After walking a few rounds in the mall, i immediately need the toilet urgently! My boyfriend still jokingly commented that i was food poisoned. Still believing that my body is strong enough, i thought nothing of it, as i believe he will get it before i do. HAHA

After i reached home, the pain is unbearable and i felt so uncomfortable. Then i puked 4 times. All laksa (Gross) I felt like i am dying soon. Luckily i felt so much better the following day, but i had a fever and very giddy. At least not vomiting! My boyfriend told me that he felt uncomfortable too, but still bearable. Wonder when his tummy become so strong? Hahahaha. I am still glad he didn't get it. One person suffer is better than two. At least he was there for me when i was so weak. :)

Alright, if you want to try the food there, please think twice. Or at least, don't eat during the night? Maybe i am just damn sway. I won't dare to patronize anymore.

Haven been eating well recently. Only eating on plain porridge and soups! I can't even finish up a small bowl. Losing appetite, but I am almost recovered now! Ok, enough of the food stuff!!

I will try launched as early as possible! Till then! ;)

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