We have launched spree #9! Hop in to shop now! :)
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This launch have more accessories which we haven been introducing for a long time ;)

One of my favorites :

Love this bracelet! Chain braided, simply love the colors together :)
These two apparels are our favorites in the collection as well! The lace details are very define. Anyone who wear this will look so demure and feminine! 

For the heart shape collar top, we simply love the heart shape design! The whole outfit doesn't look boring and it looks so cute! 

We also updated with a few pairs of shoes! Total 40 items to choose from! Do check out the full collection in our new arrival or Facebook! 

FB: www.facebook.com/drooldrop
Web: www.drooldrop.weebly.com/new-arrival

yay! Till then, if you happen to have any enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us at drooldrop@gmail.com or click here !

Drooling off with love 
Drool Drop

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