Hi lovelies! I have collage the neon apparels we had launched yesterday! Pardon my poor photoshop skills. I really want it to turn out nice, but i don't have the skills! Will work on it! :)

SNEAK PREVIEW: ( Will only be putting all these collages in Facebook ) 
Like it? Orange my favorite! Featuring a side zip to flaunt your waistline! With this bright neon color, you don't need to pair it with a fancy top, just a plain shirt or tank will do!
Stylenanda sport shorts come in 6 candy colors! Wear it with a simple top, graphic tee or spag to complete this look. That simple to look all chic!
Pictures credit to Stylenanda
Candy Strip Batwing loose top! You may think this is any simple top, but they have tiny strips across the shirt! Might not be so obvious in pics, but i do have close up! You can see a more obvious lines on the pink top. 
I love this color-block top especially the blue one! Basically all the colors are super nice! :) Pink.. Green.. omg hehe
These are all the colors that i add them into this collection. Many vibrant colors. Hope you guys find something you like here!

Goodnight peeps! 
I have posted up all the new items in the online store! Just that, i missed out some new denim designs! It's ok i will put them up in next week's launched then!

I love the new launched! Hope you guys like it as much as I do! There are NEON High-waist Shorts, Sport Shorts, Vintage Denim Jeans, Vintage Sandals, Sweet pointed flats and many more! $18 for All column is updated with many pretty affordable clothing too! Spree with me ladies! :)


This pastel color block batwing top is one of my favorites in the new launch! This top comes in 5 pastel Colors and you can view them here : http://drooldrop.weebly.com/t-shirt.html

It is designed to make you wear comfy and at the same time looking all dressed up! 

I am so getting one for myself too!

This top comes in Pink, Green, Black and Yellow too! Pricing at $22. 
One of my favorite cut and this summer MUST-HAVE in your wardrobe !

SNEAK PREVIEW: Lace shorts to be up in next launch! Perfect match with our pastel color block top! ;) 

Loving the lace details at the edges of the denim shorts, lace details can be seen near pocket too. Ultimate Love <3

We also have a lace shorts up at our site, do check out in our short section! 

Pair it up with our lace bow flats launched in previous collection. Sweet, demure design that is easily designed to pair up with any of your apparels! If you don't like close shoes, this will be a perfect pair for you. We have several design of lace material in our shoes section. 
Fan of lace~ hehe


Chic and stylish bag suitable to bring it out for a meet up lunch or dinner when you don't need a big bag!

LIKE the design and the cutting! I usually find it a burdensome to carry a slightly bigger bag when it's almost empty inside. 

This will be a perfect carry.

Pair them all up together and you're ready to go! ;)

Hi all, Previous spree orders have been sent for processing! Expect to receive your lovelies  in due time! 

This Wednesday, i will be launching new stuff into the web store! Expect to see neon high waist shorts, candy sport shorts, exclusive authentic  jeans direct import from korea,  sandals, accessories... etc 

Basically you will see updates in our column, check them out! :)

Stylenanda Sport Shorts launching tomorrow, 6 candy colors to choose from! 
Support us! Help us spread the word if we provide good service and nice clothing to you! :) Please note that items that are out of stock or going to be out of stock will be put down from out site, except for premium section where i can't be sure if stocks are available and will only refund if oos! Stocks are limited for some, so act fast and grab yours now!

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Featuring a ruffle design sleeve and pearl buttons, this is one sweet looking chiffon dress perfect for work or on a dinner date! One of the design loved by customers including myself :) *Comes with a free belt*  Detail of the dress can be seen at the following picture! 
Isn't this beautiful? I really like the pastel color and the overall look of it. Especially the bottom edges part, so flowly! :) You can adjust the straps and tie beautiful bows. :) You don't need to worry if you can fit in at the top part of the dress cos you definitely can adjust it to fit to your liking! Waist is elastic too! 

This is the actual fabric and color of the dress. Definitely is those good chiffon material right? I mention this because i once purchase a chiffon item before and it feels like plastic? Doesn't look flattering! 

This dress comes together with this 'D' chain on the strap. It is detachable if you don't like it. Unless your name starts with a D or something you might leave it there! But the ribbon looks cute though ^^

Thumbs up for this dress! Perfect for lovely dates or a hang out day with friends!