Hi lovelies! I have collage the neon apparels we had launched yesterday! Pardon my poor photoshop skills. I really want it to turn out nice, but i don't have the skills! Will work on it! :)

SNEAK PREVIEW: ( Will only be putting all these collages in Facebook ) 
Like it? Orange my favorite! Featuring a side zip to flaunt your waistline! With this bright neon color, you don't need to pair it with a fancy top, just a plain shirt or tank will do!
Stylenanda sport shorts come in 6 candy colors! Wear it with a simple top, graphic tee or spag to complete this look. That simple to look all chic!
Pictures credit to Stylenanda
Candy Strip Batwing loose top! You may think this is any simple top, but they have tiny strips across the shirt! Might not be so obvious in pics, but i do have close up! You can see a more obvious lines on the pink top. 
I love this color-block top especially the blue one! Basically all the colors are super nice! :) Pink.. Green.. omg hehe
These are all the colors that i add them into this collection. Many vibrant colors. Hope you guys find something you like here!

Goodnight peeps! 

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