Isn't this beautiful? I really like the pastel color and the overall look of it. Especially the bottom edges part, so flowly! :) You can adjust the straps and tie beautiful bows. :) You don't need to worry if you can fit in at the top part of the dress cos you definitely can adjust it to fit to your liking! Waist is elastic too! 

This is the actual fabric and color of the dress. Definitely is those good chiffon material right? I mention this because i once purchase a chiffon item before and it feels like plastic? Doesn't look flattering! 

This dress comes together with this 'D' chain on the strap. It is detachable if you don't like it. Unless your name starts with a D or something you might leave it there! But the ribbon looks cute though ^^

Thumbs up for this dress! Perfect for lovely dates or a hang out day with friends!

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