Hi ladies! First of all, wish everyone of you a happy new year! My resolution is to keep this shop going and prosper! Of course, to have many happy events :) Hope you guys had a wonderful year ahead too!

Above pictures all some of the new arrivals from spree#24! I only put up some of my favorites! You may want to check out @ www.drooldrop.weebly.com/new-arrival.html for now. After 8 January (Closing Date), these items will be shifted to the different category in our web and they are still available to order!

Also, 31st December is the last day you can use the 10% discount! After 11.59pm, all prices will return to original!

If you have any questions or suggestions for us, let us now here! www.formspring.me/drooldrop or email us at drooldrop@gmail.com!

Till then! xoxo

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