Spree #9 is comings soon!
 Join us in our spree if you haven do so! 
Will most probably open spree tomorrow! 
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Drool Drop 
We have closed spree #8! Thanks everyone! :) 
Do join us in our next spree!
We will be launching in one or two days time! 
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Drool Drop's new logo. Wanted to do something better, but not good in photoshop. 
lol. At least it looks better in public i think? ;)

Hi everyone, spree #8 launched now! Visit our new arrivals at www.drooldrop.weebly.com/new-arrival.html

We do launched weekly, so if you want to get first hand news, do subscribe to our mailing list at the home page!

Spree #8 has a lot of basic items! However, you still get to see floras, denim, scallop designs and more! In our next spree, will launch more accessories products, so keep a look out! 

Also, we strongly encourage customers to look through our terms and conditions before you make a purchase. Our terms are also updated from time to time, so always look back to that page. Please do not purchase if you think our terms do not meet your requirements or whatsoever ~ deal!
Hi lovelies~ This is the real item of Shredded Denim Studded Shorts from customer's order. I love it to the max. Currently still available to order! Send in your orders through http://drooldrop.weebly.com/order-form.html 
Hi all, we have launched our new spree! Do check it out and support us! 
These are some of the cut-out design on our basic apparels! Look great with basics!
I'll just put up some of my favorites and you may go to our new arrivals tab and view the full collection! 
Time to add some colors to your wardrobe! If you have lot of basic apparels (like me), you can easily pair it up with this bandage skirt.
I like this clutch, it goes well with every outfit ;) 
Lastly, my favorite shoe out of this whole collection ;)
Promo for SPREE #7 ! 
Purchase 2 and above for FREE normal postage!
Purchase 3 and above for FREE normal postage + FREE accessory of your choice! 
We have launched more than 50 items! Submit your order through http://drooldrop.weebly.com/order-form.html Meanwhile i will post customer's PO on our denim short! Real item looks really nice
Hi babes, sorry for the long long wait for the new spree! As promised, will be delivering new items in mid July and ta-da! Hope you ladies like this collection :) 

Expect to see many basic yet chic apparel to be launch tomorrow! Adding more dress, skirt, shorts, bags and many more~ Also, all spree items have arrived and have already mailed them today! 

Also, for items that are already out of stock, i have removed them! New items are always coming in, so don't hesitate too long, else it will be gone forever! 

Currently, we have in-stock for two items! Take a look here http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.135219313286205.27565.100003944112187&type=3 Do support!

Thank you and remember to check out the new launch! :)
Hi ladies, sorry for the long wait! Haven been putting up new stuff, i know my page looks kinda boring now. Finished my exam and very happy now because i can dedicate more time here! However, the bad thing is i don't understand why my internet connection become so bad. Couldn't even do anything well with such bad connections. Everything load damn slow. 

Give me some time and pretty clothes is on your way! Will let you guys know more here. Meanwhile, spree #5 will arrive this week! Spree #6 most probably this week as well! Will pack them fast and mail them over!

Thank you for spree-ing with Drool Drop! Mua~
Hi all! All pre-order will close this sunday! We encourage you to make your purchase with us soon as the items you see now may not be available in the next pre-order! Items are in rather high demand!

Also, we will not be updating new items until mid July because i'll be preparing for exam! After which, i promised pretty items to be launched! We will try to do it weekly! :)

Do give us some feedback on what you might want to see in our upcoming spree. We will try to source the items you may be interested! Thank you!


Hi lovelies! I have collage the neon apparels we had launched yesterday! Pardon my poor photoshop skills. I really want it to turn out nice, but i don't have the skills! Will work on it! :)

SNEAK PREVIEW: ( Will only be putting all these collages in Facebook ) 
Like it? Orange my favorite! Featuring a side zip to flaunt your waistline! With this bright neon color, you don't need to pair it with a fancy top, just a plain shirt or tank will do!
Stylenanda sport shorts come in 6 candy colors! Wear it with a simple top, graphic tee or spag to complete this look. That simple to look all chic!
Pictures credit to Stylenanda
Candy Strip Batwing loose top! You may think this is any simple top, but they have tiny strips across the shirt! Might not be so obvious in pics, but i do have close up! You can see a more obvious lines on the pink top. 
I love this color-block top especially the blue one! Basically all the colors are super nice! :) Pink.. Green.. omg hehe
These are all the colors that i add them into this collection. Many vibrant colors. Hope you guys find something you like here!

Goodnight peeps!