We launched spree#16 on 26th September! Shop away now with 36 new items added to this spree! Spree#16 has lots of apparels at pocket friendly prices! 
Click on to our new arrivals for all 36 new items. If nothing catch your eye, view our past spree items! What's available now may not be available the next day! So if you like something, get it quickly! Some of our past spree items have already been out of stock and we have not removed yet. Will do so asap! You guys may want to submit your order, but do not guarantee the item availability!


We have launched Spree#15! we love this spree because we have put up lots of pretty prints design up to purchase! Also, we have put up several vintage shoes and loafers! 

We are closing spree#15 very quickly! This spree will close on 18 September at 3pm! Quick order if you don't wanna miss this batch! 
You say pretty? hehe. More can be found at www.drooldrop.weebly.com/new-arrival.html!
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Hope you guys love this collection and happy shopping! 
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We have launched new spree today! Join us and subscribe to our mailing list to follow us in our updates! We have bring in new choices and wonderful apparels and accessories again! 

This collection has lots of footwear! Most of them are heels and looks really pretty and modern! Not forgetting, we have conduct another giveaway! It is now on-going in our Facebook! Join us! You might be the lucky winner to walkaway with the item!
Drool Drop is giving away mustache rings to 4 lucky winners! Just follow step 1 & 2 to win! Good luck lovelies! :)
There are too many pretty items in this launched! Above are some of my favorites, but do shop our new arrival! There are many more items waiting to be adore :) 

If you have any suggestions on what we can bring in for our future sprees or feedback of any kind, do email us at drooldrop@gmail.com ! We would like to hear from you!
Hi lovelies, decided to do a post on our past spree stock arrival pictures which we took when we are doing quality checking on the apparels! In later part of the day, will post up in FB as well :)
This is item code: DD18ALL25 Collar Sleeveless Dress! Been receiving orders for this! This dress is not sheer at all :)
This is priced at $18! What a steal! You can look for this dress under our dress category for more info on the measurements!
This is item code: DDSHO5 Shredded Studded Shorts! You can view the short measurement under bottom category!  This is one of the must-have item in your wardrobe! Really pretty piece, but already low in stock now! If interested, let us know, as we can help you to source for it! :) This is priced at $25. This short is also selling in Wonderlust livejournal! Not sure whether is oos already. Most likely!
We currently have in-stock for this fish print top now! We must say that this top's material is really comfy and soft to touch! An excellent piece to wear for lazy days indeed! This is priced at $18! If interested, kindly email to drooldrop@gmail.com! 
Apparels, Shoes,Bags from Spree#10! Anything catch your eye? We have close up pictures of them all :)
This item code is: DDSC018 Skull Pointed Flats and comes in red/Orange/Black in color! If you are a fan of skulls item, you might like this! :) It is advisable to get one size bigger for this shoe! This item can be found under Shoe category! 
This is item code: DDSN048 USA Tote Bag! Currently very low in stock! If keen, please place order quickly via our order form! Very spacious and big enough to put your A4 materials in! :)
This is item code: DDSN028 Sexy V-Neck Top and it is available in 4 colors! Blue/Pink/Black/White. Priced at $20.90. It is under Top category!
This is item code: DDSN034 Pearl Collar White Dress, priced at $21.50! Material is made of chiffon and slightly off-white color instead of pure white! It is given together with a free pearl ribbon belt! Spot this piece under our dress category! :)
This is item code: DDTOP4 I Didn't Tee. It is currently very low in stock and most probably gonna be out of stock soon! Nevertheless, this tee is not sheer at all. It is made of quality cotton and highly stretchable. Left with white to order now and priced at $19! View this item under our Top category.
This is item code: DDSN053 Casual V Drop Sleeve Tee and it is available in white/Black/Grey in color! Priced at $21.90, you can view this item under Top Category! One of the most versatile and casual outfit!
This item code is: DDSC002 Lace Hoodie Cardigan and priced at $21. Material of the lace cardigan is excellent! Pure white in color and only available in one color. You may view this item under Outer category.
Item Code is DDSN033 Metal Collar Romper and comes in both Navy and Rosy Pink color. Material is non-sheer and in good quality! Priced at $22.50 and is still available to order! It is neatly categorized under the bottom category :)
Item Code is DDSV036 Boyfriend's Shirt and is available in two colors, Pink/Yellow respectively.Priced at $21, it is made of suede material and is perfect to wear it alone or as a outerwear! Tie up a knot to bring out a different look! Check this piece under Top category :)
Item code is DDSV031 Anchor Peter-Pan Collar Top and available in White and Grey in color! True to pic color and made of comfy cotton material :) Priced at $19, this top can be found under the top category!
Item code is DDSV012 Graphic Loose Top and it is true to above picture. Available in another design in pink! Made of silk chiffon blend material and is comfortable to wear as it's smooth to touch :) Priced at $18.50 and can be found under the Top category :)
Item code is DDSV032 Casual Chiffon Casual Blazer. Love at first sight! This blazer looks good in overall and definitely will look good in any outfit! Available colors in Black and White. Priced at $19.90. Check this out under outer category! 
Item code is DDSV039 Aztec Color Dress (tube/sleeveless) Comes in two design. Priced at $25. However, design pattern is different from our model example! Please refer to this picture if you are keen to purchase :) This is really a gorgeous tribal print dress! <3

Am done with all the pictures! It is really a tiring process. hahahhaha but it allows customer to view these items in real life. Also, allow you guys to make better decision in your purchase. 

Till then now, will be preparing for the next spree soon! Do keep a lookout for our spree#14 coming up soon! :)