Hi ladies! It's been some time since we last blog on our new spree! 

We have launched spree#28 with 25 new arrivals! 
Shop now at www.drooldrop.weebly.com!!

Also, join us in our giveaway contest in Facebook now!

1. STAND A CHANCE TO WIN 3X $10 Voucher! 
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Simply like our page (www.facebook.com/shopdrooldrop) and like and share as many pictures as possible and comment 'Like & share!' Do share the whole album as well! 

Good Luck! Winners will be chosen on 23th March, 11pm! 

Spree Closing Date: 24th March, 11pm! 

Thank you for the support and we appreciate it! <3

We will  now post some of our favorites in spree#28! 
Do check out the remaining new arrivals in our website! 

Have a blessed week ahead! <3

Drool Drop
Hi ladies! First of all, wish everyone of you a happy new year! My resolution is to keep this shop going and prosper! Of course, to have many happy events :) Hope you guys had a wonderful year ahead too!

Above pictures all some of the new arrivals from spree#24! I only put up some of my favorites! You may want to check out @ www.drooldrop.weebly.com/new-arrival.html for now. After 8 January (Closing Date), these items will be shifted to the different category in our web and they are still available to order!

Also, 31st December is the last day you can use the 10% discount! After 11.59pm, all prices will return to original!

If you have any questions or suggestions for us, let us now here! www.formspring.me/drooldrop or email us at drooldrop@gmail.com!

Till then! xoxo
Spree#21 has launched with 40 new items! 
All other items from previous spree are placed neatly at the different category in our web! Feel free to browse through as well!

This is what you should do to stand a chance to walk away with your favourite outfit!
1. Like our Facebook Page (Here)
2. Like & Share Spree#21 Album
3. Comment and share the outfit you wish to win!

A lucky winner will be chosen randomly on the 23 November, 8pm in our facebook page!
Good Luck and spread the love now! 
These are some of the new arrivals in Spree#21! Check out more by clicking here

with love,
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Spree#20 has launched! Expect to see plenty of high-waist skirts, shimmery shorts, pullovers and more! We added 20 items in this spree, feel free to check out other items from previous spree as they are available to order as well!


We have also created formspring last week! If you have any questions for us, click here to direct you to our formspring and we will answer to your enquiries, feedback and anything! ;)

We love this high-waist skirt and there are a few color choice in our new arrival, so check it out! ;)

Shop: www.drooldrop.weebly.com
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Hi all! Our Galaxy Legging is featured in Blogshopbuzz! This is the second time being featured and we are grateful to the team at Blogshopbuzz as they always keep a lookout at our items! 

If you haven seen the article, this is the link:  http://www.blogshopbuzz.com/2012/10/halloween-special-dare-to-wear-these-fashion-dares/

Dare to wear these fashion dares for halloween! :) We have a couple of galaxy items, do check out our web for more! 

Wow, felt like i've been going on a long break! >< Didn't have new spree last week because i was preparing for an examination! Now, it's over! :) yay so i'm back here again! Sorry for those who have waited for the open of this spree and i appreciate all the patience :)
The new cover of spree#18 
Giveaway and price slash for this pretty clutch this week! ONLY THIS WEEK so stop hesitating! <3
We have launched more than 30 items, you will find something you like! Otherwise, head to our previous spree items which are available to order! Have fun shopping! 

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Hi lovelies! Shop Spree#17 now as we added 31 new apparels and accessories! Also, join our mailing list if you wanna follow us in our updates and promotions! :)


Meanwhile, we are having a giveaway at our Facebook right now! Stand a chance to win a kitty beanie as seen on the model! Spread the love now <3
To all our supportive customers and potential buyers..... we have added a new page on our website! 


This page will consist of pictures of items that customers bought from our sprees! We are trying to showcase some of the items that you guys have bought from us! Also, if you are wondering how the clothes will look like in real life, you may check out this page! 

We hope that it will be useful for reference and we will try to capture as many pictures and upload them here! 
Any enquiries and orders, please email us @ drooldrop@gmail.com or submit a form to us! 

With love,
Drool Drop 
We launched spree#16 on 26th September! Shop away now with 36 new items added to this spree! Spree#16 has lots of apparels at pocket friendly prices! 
Click on to our new arrivals for all 36 new items. If nothing catch your eye, view our past spree items! What's available now may not be available the next day! So if you like something, get it quickly! Some of our past spree items have already been out of stock and we have not removed yet. Will do so asap! You guys may want to submit your order, but do not guarantee the item availability!


We have launched Spree#15! we love this spree because we have put up lots of pretty prints design up to purchase! Also, we have put up several vintage shoes and loafers! 

We are closing spree#15 very quickly! This spree will close on 18 September at 3pm! Quick order if you don't wanna miss this batch! 
You say pretty? hehe. More can be found at www.drooldrop.weebly.com/new-arrival.html!
If you have enquiries, don't hesitate to contact us at drooldrop@gmail.com ! 

Hope you guys love this collection and happy shopping!